Handling and storage

Handling and storage

As part of our comprehensive transportation offer, we also provide loading and warehousing services. Our company has warehouses of different sizes, which allows us to flexibly adapt to the requirements of our clients.

Our warehouses are fully equipped and have the latest security systems, which allows us to guarantee the safety and protection of stored goods. Our teams have the necessary qualifications and experience in the field of cargo handling and warehousing, which ensures professional service at the highest level.

Additionally, we also offer cargo transfer services between different means of transport. Thanks to this, our company enables clients to send goods over longer distances without worrying about the quality of their storage or loss of value.

We also provide full warehouse services, including order picking, loading and unloading of goods, inventory control, and organization of transport inside the warehouse.

We are confident that our offer of cargo handling and storage services will meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients. With us, KDX clients can take advantage of comprehensive transportation and storage services that ensure complete safety and efficiency of goods transport. 

Handling and storage


Our Clients are companies representing various branches of industry, such as: automotive, railway, electrical engineering, agriculture, construction and others which may need transport of special or oversized loads. You can see examples of orders we have completed on the subpage ?Gallery?.


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